EMS has been an amazing journey. In the beginning, an ambulance had lights, siren, oxygen, and a prayer! Then came CPR, immobilization equipment, advanced first aid and, in the early 70s, EMTs and Paramedics with cardiac monitoring/defibrillation capabilities. In the early 80s & 90s, we implemented, with the volunteer fire departments’ support, the QRS system and the first AED programs in Pennsylvania.

Now heart patient EKGs are sent from the field to the Cardiac Labs, post cardiac hypothermic protocols are implmented, and trauma patients have lifesaving treatments and drugs. Patients with severe pain can get relief prior to entering the hospital. Treatment, Training, Equipment and Vehicles have improved immeasurably in fifty years. Your support has given us the opportunity to implement new and sophisticated care and create programs that benefit all. We hope to continue to provide the highest quality and compassionate respectful care.

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Mission of Ambulance and Chair EMS

To be the best ambulance provider in our area by delivering superior pre-hospital emergent and non-emergent patient care. We achieve this through continuous training, the latest vehicles and equipment, and a strong working relationship with our other local agencies. We also educate the community on the response, treatment, and transportation of the sick and injured as well as the prevention of injury and illness.

History of Ambulance and Chair EMS

1962 — Established in September 1962

1971 — Co-sponsored first EMT Class in Pennsylvania.

1973 — Trained and employed first paramedics in Washington County. One of the first ambulance services in Pennsylvania to have Paramedics

1979 — Founded Quick Response Squad program in cooperation with volunteer fire companies. First in state

1982 — First rural service to provide Paramedics on every ambulance

1984 — Implemented first Paramedic Quick Response Squad program. Department of Health approved use statewide in 1994

1990 — Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

1992 — Developed and implemented first Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program in Pennsylvania

1997 — Voted “1997 Provider of the Year” by the Emergency Medical Services Institute

2002 — Lifetime Achievement Award EMSI

2010 — Women in Business – Pittsburgh Business Times

2012 — Celebrated 50 Years of Caring

2012 — Post Cardiac Hypothermic Care implemented

2020 — Ownership & Name Change

2020 — Purchased New Ambulances. ACEMS began purchasing new “Box Style” ambulances and began phasing out our older “Van Style” ambulances

2021 — First in-house EMT Class Announced

2021 — Purchased all new state-of-the-art Zoll Cardiac Monitors for all vehicles

2021 — Proudly obtained recognition as a Participating Department from The Office of the State Fire Commissioner

TODAY — Providing the Best Care, 24/7